The finesse of hospitality


Thessaloniki, 15 Str Ermou

The new five-star city hotel was created by “guests” for guests. Because “the team” behind the company, were inspired to create the No.15 Ermou Hotel from their own personal and intriguing journeys. Having travelled around the world for 25 years, staying at more than 2,000 luxury hotels, having visited countless restaurants, conference centers and relaxed lobbies, the team made sure to gather experiences, that distinguish both quality services but also gaps to create a unique “premises ofurban space”, whilst always having thefocal point on the most demanding guest.

No15 Ermou Hotel opens its doors and invites you to “an adventure of self-exploration”, in a city that constantly changes. Here the uniquehospitality has one purpose: to create an exclusive experience for each type of guest. The captivating luxury, the respect towards the architecture and the environment, the comfort, the delicate shades, the original lighting, and every single small detail throughout the hotel gives the sensation of a permanent surprise.  Indulge in a fascinating world of wellness and beauty. Meet the new gastronomic culture that unfolds in the restaurant . Experience the new era in socializing and lobbying, in a space of contemporary, sophisticated aesthetics.

The new five-star No15 Ermou Hotel in Thessaloniki will offer you the energy you need to experience an unforgettable stay. From the luxurious rooms intended for professionals, couples, or families, to the seductive suites, fine gastronomy, holistic well-being treatments and sports, every part of its minimalistic ambiance suggests an exceptional stay accompanied by high quality services and indulgence.


Open the door to a new experience of hospitality!




15 Ermou  Str


CA 54624